A Hilton/Michaelhouse prediction…kind of…

13 June 2024

Meadows is in the spotlight on Saturday for the second meeting of the Michaelhouse and Hilton College 1st XVs of the 2024 season. For a first time since 2015, ‘House could sweep the season’s series against their great rivals.

Last year, it ended one-all after an 18-15 victory by Michaelhouse at Hilton brought an end to a seven-year skid. Earlier in the season, Hilton had won 20-17 at Michaelhouse. In other words, they both won once, and their tallies were tied at 35-35.

In 2023, the Hilton vs Michaelhouse derbies were battles between KZN’s top teams. This year, their records don’t match up to last year’s outstanding seasons for both sides, and they’ve both lost a good number of games. Yet, the margins between victory and defeat have been slim.

Only once has either lost by double figures – Michaelhouse went down 10-23 at DHS, KZN’s best in 2024, thus far, and Hilton fell 26-40 at Westville after leading 23-8 in the first half.

‘House has lost five more times by a total of 19 points, while Hilton has four other defeats besides the Westville loss, by a combined 11 points only. So, while there have been more losses than expected, both teams have been there or thereabouts in every match. They remain formidable sides.

On 4 May, it finished 24-23 to Michaelhouse on Gilfillan Field. What will the result be on Saturday, on Meadows?

It is so tough to call it. Let’s put it this way, I predict a converted try or less to decide the game. Also, I predict an entertaining contest.

Continuing to hedge my bets, I will say this: if Michaelhouse wins, I think part of the reason for that will be their surprising 15-19 loss at Kearsney College a week ago. It was a disappointing result that could serve them well.

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